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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

HiveMind now an Apache Top Level Project

Finally ... HiveMind is now a top level project at Apache. This is great news, because it will allow the team to bring in HiveMind extensions from all over and put them under one roof.

I've been neglecting HiveMind for a while now as I concentrate on Tapestry 5, which is a shame, but unavoidable. Certainly, the people working on it now are quite capable. In fact, as often as not, if you see a clever idea in HiveMind, it was suggested or even implemented by James or Knut or one of the others.


Brent Ryan said...

Why is hivemind any better then Spring?

Howard said...

Why do people post inappropriate questions onto a blog? You want to discuss HiveMind, talk about it on the user mailing list. Read some documentation. RTFM.

Hugo Palma said...

Great news for Hivemind. Still, i'm sure that you're aware that a big part of Hivemind users comes from the Tapestry 4 users community. Don't you think you're leaving Hivemind in the cold by not using Hivemind at all in T5 ?

Massimo said...

You're right, as many others i started playing with HiveMind to use it with/for Tapestry but after that i swithed all my projects on a HiveMind base and i guess others are like me.

So, live long and prosper HiveMind!

Anonymous said...

Great product,I like and user hivemind .especially the component funtion.deploy with jar and hivemodule.and it microkernel.