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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

eZing Builder -- WYSIWYG Builder for Tapestry

It's very unfortunate that Spindle has stalled, short of adding Tapestry 4 support. Fortunately, it's a big world and others have started stepping in to fill the gaps. On approach is Cognition, which uses a visual builder tied to a data model driven architecture.

Another one just brought to my attention is eZing Builder. From what I can tell (the site's a little short on documentation, and SourceForge is currently down for maintenance), it's a general purpose WYSIWYG editor for web applications, with specific Tapestry extensions. Built on Eclipse 3.2, and open source. Looks nice.


andyhot said...

And don't forget https://nbtapestrysupport.dev.java.net/

Howard said...

I've been updating the Tapestry home page with proper references to all the various extensions, component libraries, and IDE integrations. Drop me a line for all the ones I've missed!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the advice about the eZing Builder. It is amazing and really helps to develop Tapestry apps and is good to show people how easy is to program with Tapestry.

I know that they need to do some improvements on the integration, but it is good enough.