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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Update on Tapestry @ OSCON

Earlier I had blogged about my frustration at not getting to speak at OSCON 2006. Well, word of my little outburst on this blog has trickled out to the key folks at O'Reilly and now both of my sessions are back in. They apologized for the lack of depth in the Java track, citing technical and procedural problems with that aspect of the conference (made that much worse by Daniel Steinberg's personal tragedy this year). They are working to make amends by inviting several prominent Java speakers to fill the gaps.

I'll have two sessions this year:

Wed 10:45 8588 - Metaprogramming Java with HiveMind and Javassist
Wed 2:35 8904 - Building Java Web Applications with Tapestry

This is great news. OSCON is a fun convention and it's about two miles from where I live. Maybe I'll get to ride the Segway again!

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Anonymous said...

Great. I found it disturbing that they were originally both refused, and I'm a fulltime ruby programmer.