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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

tapestry-spring: simpler and better

I've changed tapestry-spring to be simpler and better. It now leverages Spring's ContextLoaderListener, rather than trying to replace it. In addition, it is now compiled for compatibility with JDK 1.3.

Since it is so alpha, I haven't been bumping up the version number for these changes. I suspect a 1.0.0 release will come soon. This library is now down to one class, some XML configuration, and a little bit of test code.


Anonymous said...

Please forgive my ignorance, but where do you put the "spring:" prefix? Are there any simple examples of this?


Howard said...

public abstract BeanType getBean();

BeanType is whatever type your Spring bean is (preferabbly an interface). The name of the propery does not matter, just the name of the bean (here, "someBean"). The "spring:" prefix identities where to look for the injected object, "service:" would be for a HiveMind service. There are other prefixes.

Anonymous said...

ok - I see how this would work for a tapestry/hivemind object, but If I have a service object that needs wired to another dao object, both are existing classes that we would rather not muck with (work fine outside of the tapestry appliation), how would that be accomplished?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Howard! I have a spring/hibernate/struts app that I have been slowly reworking in T4. It was proving to much to learn Tapestry and hivemind except for the ASO's. Now it should move much faster. Any thoughts on supporting spring in portlets? I'm itching to play with portlets.