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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gearing up for NFJS

If I've been a bit unresponsive lately, it's because I've been working full time++ for a client, and putting together new versions of my presentations for two upcoming No Fluff Just Stuff engagements: St. Louis and Boston.

I'm completely retooling my existing presentations on Tapestry and Tapestry components, and writing a brand new one about unit testing with EasyMock (which isn't about Tapestry per-se, but may include some details about testing Tapestry components).

The new examples will be available via my Maven 2 repository. I may even move the source code from my private SVN over to JavaForge at some point.


Hugo Palma said...

Is there any way i can get my hands on the presentations you make ?

I think it would be great if those presentations were accessible for anyone to download. I've had some hard time "selling" the usage of Tapestry in some projects and all the help i could get on this job would be great.

Massimo said...

Having that as a Best Practice resource would be too great.

Anyway thanks Howard, i hope to meet you some day

David Harvey said...

I'm travelling to Boston for the NFJS symposia specifically because you are presenting. Why don't you come to NFJS in Salt Lake City?

Howard said...

Jay is trying to get me to speak at SLC's conference; I'm a bit over booked right now, but I'll likely be able to make it to that one as well. Look forward to seeing you in Boston!