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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tapestry promoted to Apache Top Level

Following our request to the Apache board, and a unanimous vote of the Apache Board, the Tapestry project is moving ... to the Apache top level. We've only just received notice of the vote, but very soon now, there will be tapestry.apache.org.

This isn't so much about Tapestry as it is about Jakarta, representing the fact that Jakarta is re-organizing into more of a "meta-incubator", with the goal of all succesful projects (outside of commons) moving up to the top level.

However, this is still a vote of confidence for Tapestry and the team and will make many things better/faster/easier for us. It's all good (but it's, yet again, more work for me!).


Anonymous said...

Congratulations from Yanhui Zhao.

Yanhui Zhao said...


Ignorant Anonymous said...

That really means a lot, sincere congratulations!

ciukes said...

Hip! Hip! Hooooray! This should happen long time ago:)