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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Two New Tapestry Committers: Jesse Kuhnert and Kent Tong

The Tapestry project has just added two new committers!

  • Jesse Kuhnert - Very active with the Tacos component library, which is the hub for Ajax components for Tapestry. He's got an inside line on what it'll take to make Tapestry the best framework for Ajax development.
  • Kent Tong - Active mentor on the user and developer mailing lists, Kent has been keeping me and the other Tapestry committers honest for quite a while now ... and he's written a great book on Tapestry 4.

Great things are afoot for Tapestry ... fresh blood, a final 4.0 release very, very soon now, and an increasing number of high profile sites in the pipeline (and no, I can't say more).


Anonymous said...

I saw google was looking for people with "tapestry experience" ;)

Anonymous said...


IMO browser based apps are dead end (but with do what we are paid for ;-)), Tapestry brings elegance and flexibility into this mess.

Anonymous said...

Hi Howard!
Good luck for new members!!!

We choose Tapestry for advanced portlet site for major telecom operator.
I'll try to talk to management to expose "Made with Tapestry" or something like that...