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Monday, December 05, 2005

Moved to Portland

Well, now we've gone and done it. My wife and I have sold our house outside Boston and relocated to Portland, Oregon. Time to start over in an entirely different part of the country, one that seems to align better with our tastes, politics, and interests. Given the people we met at OSCON 2005 (also in Portland), I know there's a good community of open-source and Java developers around here ... I can't wait to start meeting them!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the move, Howard!

Kevin Menard said...

Come now, MA isn't that bad. Although, I really can't commend on how good Portland is. I hope you enjoy your new home. If you ever end up back around Boston and looking for some Tapestriers to have a drink with, let us know.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Snyder wrote:

Congratulations Suzie and Howard! I hope you have a great first winter in Portland.

BTW, Howard, will you be at ApacheCon in San Diego next week?

Unknown said...

Sorry, won't be at ApacheCon this year. I need to be in SF that week for a client, then Tucson the following week for a different client. Also, there wasn't enough interest in the Tapestry tutorial (which I never wanted to do in the first place ... I had wanted to do a long, non-tutorial session).

Unknown said...

Kevin --- I've got 39 years of Massachussettes experience under my belt (and still can't spell it). The move was painful in terms of leaving friends and family behind, but I think it will ultimately be worth the trouble.

Anonymous said...

you got to portland! i'm from china! i wanna when you move to my country! this is a charming land!
welcome ! many many china T fans wait for you!!

Anonymous said...

From Ben Acker

Hey Howard, Welcome to Portland! A couple of friends and I are using Tapestry heavily, and we would love to get the chance to meet you. We're just across the river in the 'Couv (Vancouver).

Regardless, enjoy the sun while you can, as it may go back into hiding for a few months.

Surjendu said...

Hi Howard

Welcome to Portland..Couple of guys are using tapestry here..We would like to meet u sometime...Hope u like the pacific northwest....

See u soon sometime