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Friday, November 04, 2005

Further Down The Trail

Chris Nelson has published his second article on Trails: Further Down the Trail.

Seems like a lot of people are getting excited about Trails, and rightly so. I can see a large number of projects getting built this way. It's a great idea, it's developer-focused, it gets you great results fast. I've also seen Chris mention integrating Ajax components from Tacos. What's easier than using Tacos components for Ajax behavior ... using Trails and getting the Ajax stuff for free!

By the way, one of the most remarkable aspects of Trails is that Chris has been building Trails as a way to learn Tapestry. Either Chris is really some kind of comic-book alien machine super-intelligence (unlikely, I've met him in person), or Tapestry isn't quite as hard to learn as some people seem to think. Perhaps Chris had less Struts and JSP clutter to unlearn.


Chris Nelson said...

Actually, I've been using Struts at my day job for years. This is the best motivation to learn Tapestry I can think of :)

Anonymous said...

struts for years?

please accept my condolences, chris!


Chris Nelson said...

Accepted. :)