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Friday, June 11, 2004

Boston NEJUG Tapestry Presentation

Last night I gave my Tapestry presentation to the Boston NEJUG. Good crowd, about 100 people, at Sun's campus in Burlington, MA. Amazingly, I didn't have my expected projector problems; I was able to face the audience, and type, and see what was getting projected. Makes things so much easier.

It started a bit slow, and I was concerned that I was going to run out of material before I ran out of time. What I didn't realize was that these folks were simply too polite to interrupt with questions; once I asked for questions I got deluged. There were minor hiccups in terms of getting the examples put together (I'm not quite Steve Jobs when it comes to live demos), but those hiccups do demonstrate the support that Spindle and Tapestry give you when developing, so its not a bad thing.

Dan Jacobs (who runs the WebTech Users Group) had a few challenges for me .. such as ripping out the entire Form from the AddAddress page and moving it into its own component. No problem (OK, minor problem, I should have watched the error line reported by Tapestry) and I got it working reasonably in just a couple of minutes.

I've put up an HTML version of my presentation, by request. As my presentation get better, my slide sets get smaller, and that's very good! I'll get a copy of the Eclipse project up shortly.

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