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Monday, January 19, 2004

Work on the book is winding down

Wow ... writing a book is a lot of work. When I finished at NLG, I thought another two weeks would be all it would take. It's been over a month. Mixed into that month has been a lot of fun, and a lot of deferred house stuff ... plus some quality time playing Splinter Cell) -- but even so, it has again been much more work than I could have guessed!

I'm now at a point where the remaining work is responding to copy edits and the like. The Beast (how I think of the book now) is dieing by inches. Ok, so the book is going to be about six months late (I originally expected it to be out around September 2003). I'm pretty darn sure the book will be in stores in March (I believe Manning has some kind of pre-order from Barnes and Noble, which has turned the pressure up). I can finally begin to shift gears to other things (like a quick ski trip) ... not to mention, finding a way to actually make some income.

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