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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Mr. Tapestry ... meet Mr. Forrest

Thanks to Tetsuya Kitahata (and a full day of work on my part), Tapestry's web site now builds using Forrest. This is a big step up from the old L&F, which was a pain to maintain and ugly and inconsistent to boot. There's still some rough edges to work out, and there's an awfully large number of moving parts inside Forrest (but nothing is quite as bad as Maven).

At this time, the component reference is still raw, ugly HTML. It has to be, because it has in-place examples that require full HTML ... not the tiny slice that Forrest's xdoc format transforms into. Perhaps we'll need to create an extended xdoc for Tapestry with extra elements (to create iframes and load example HTML from them perhaps?). Sometimes I get ideas while I type ...

In addition, we could concievable convert the users guide and the future tutorial to use the book format supported by Forrest. It looks like their own take on DocBook ... but the important thing is figuring out how to get Forrest to generate single-page HTML, chunked HTML or PDF from the same source the way DocBook does.

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