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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Andrew C. Oliver's Parting Words

Andrew C. Oliver was invaluable in helping Tapestry form into a true community and helping us navigate through the Apache bureaucracy and become a Jakarta project. He sent one final message before unsubscribing from the Tapestry Developer mailing list:
Tapestry is now a thriving community and my preferred way to develop webapps. Howard is now a member of the ASF and of the Jakarta PMC. I'd encourage Tapestry to seek top level project status in the near future. That being said, I prefer to avoid writing web apps. My roll here has spanned a year and I have been watching this project quietly in the background. Should y'all ever need my help you need but ask, but I have every confidence that you will continue to succeed. Thanks for bringing the best damn webapp development framework ever to Apache and sharing it with open source.

(My bold) I So there you have it -- a guy who avoids writing web applications likes Tapestry. I guess that's good :-) Also, I know I'm an ASF member but I can't track down whether I'm actually, legitimately on the Jakarta PMC. Though if Tapestry does become a top-level project, that will no longer matter.

People are continually impressed that on the Tapestry mailing lists, people ask questions and they get answers. Not every question gets answered (the question must be understandable and either easy or interesting), and a lot of the time, the response is quick (a link to online documentation perhaps). Still, there are repeated comments about the very, very high signal-to-noise ratio on the Tapestry lists. Makes me proud.

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