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Thursday, November 09, 2006


I've joined the legions of other No Fluff Just Stuff speakers, excluding (of course), Ted Neward, who are running on Mac. A MacBook Pro (the latest version) with 2 gig of ram, and a 30" cinema display.

Of course, the user experience is fantastic, especially with the 30" display. I don't even own a TV that large. It's so big that I sometimes have to pull windows with small text down to eye level for easy reading. Scary big. Ridiculously big. Love it.

In one respect, it's like coming back home; my first real windowing environment (the first I developed applications for) was NeXTSTEP back in the mid 90's. I developed a big database driven GUI app using AppKit and Enterprise Objects Framework. I remember an Apple rep coming by to show us some weird thing called WebObjects, but that's a different story.

It's intimidating ... there's so much new stuff to learn. Hanging around with Stu, Justin, Neal and Dave (among many others) who are so big on mastering your environment and working smart ... well, between Automator, Quicksilver, and everything else ... well, there's a lot to learn, a lot of catching up to do. And of course, Ruby is pre-installed as well.

Dashboard widgets look cool; as I'm trying to flex some JavaScript muscle, that's a definite way to build something useful as well.

So far, the only thing I don't like is the Mighty Mouse; I already ditched mine on Ebay and am using the same Logitech LX7 I use on my Aurora (windows desktop). I also had to pick up a keyboard, since the monitor is so huge I can't get the laptop (and it's keyboard) anywhere near it.

Also, OS X doesn't give you the choice about what to do with your laptop monitor when plugged into an external display. I'd just as soon shut it off but no ... it has to be a desktop extension. Once I get a little more settled in, I'll need to pick up one of those "Hacks" books.

So, exciting and scary. I have so many things to learn.


Chris Morrison said...

Actually, OS X does give you an option for what to do with the laptop monitor when using an external monitor. If you've got a mouse and keyboard connected (wired ore wireless) you can close the laptop's lid and it'll still function. : )

PS: Tapestry 5 looks AWESOME! More screencasts, please!

Craig said...

Congrats on the Mac (and I'm glad Blogger is working again). I too ditched the mighty mouse immediately for my trusty Compaq laser mouse that I bought maybe 8 years ago when everyone still had mice with a ball.

As far as the Mac goes - I've got a Quad G5 with 4GB memory and JBoss + Tapestry runs great on it. Can't wait until more Tap 5 screencasts!

Martin said...

if I plug in my Macbook into my second monitor the screen stretches over both of them. I can easily arrange the two screens...

Dive into Preferences/Monitors

or have a look into


Pip said...

off-topic: Howard, the link to your atom feed in the head of you blog 404s, stopping my aggregator from auto-subscribing to you. I've manually changed it to http://howardlewisship.com/blog/rss.xml


Anonymous said...

Yeah, there we go again. Another American dream fulfilled!
For the American dream it's all about big cars, big homes,
big billboards, big highway signborads, big traffic lights,
big televisions, big, big men, big, big women, big,
big computer monitors, and super big mouses,and not forgetting big talks.
I think there is as well a big keyboard on it's way. And I wouldn't be surprised
there'll one day be a big, big pen coming you would always need a
separate huge big bag to carry it with you. That's the American dream-
big, big, super big.

Howard said...

That's an odd social/political comment. Yep, it's the american dream to have the Java Browsing perspective on screen at the same time as the Resource perspective and maybe a web browser.

Howard said...

About this site's Atom RSS feed ... that's a issue with Blogger in Beta. I've asked them to look into it.

Jesse Kuhnert said...

Be careful Howard, he/she could be employing a trick similar to one used by the evil pokemon corporation on south park. Whenever confronted by parents asking them why they were brainwashing their children they would say things like "ohh but we have such small penis. Nothing comparing to your gigantic american penesis. What could we possibly do with such a small penis ? " Ok maybe it's not exactly the same thing but I thought it was funny. :)

p.s. I also recently ignored advice given to use dual monitors to help my screen real estate problem and instead opted for a new 30" display. It was awkward getting used to at first but now I can't imagine living without it :)

Howard said...

Of course, if you're talking about big americans, then the ultimate is: Taco Town!

Jesse Kuhnert said...

Haha, I remember that episode :) The new writing blood has done wonders for the show..

Don't forget Pancakes and Sausage on a stick !

Massimo Lusetti said...

Well, I'm sure someone is eating that, right now!