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Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Danger of Beta: Tapestry and HiveMind Blog has Moved

Some day there will be a medical diagnosis for my condition, which may be characterized as an overeagerness to adopt unstable beta software.

In this case, it was a switch to Blogger Beta, which promised all kinds of improvements to the user experience of reading this blog. Alas, the real improvements are of questionable value, such as publishing an Atom feed where the RSS feed used to be (and not writing the correct <link> tags).

Anyway, it became pretty evident that the new, post Google Blogger really wants to host the blog on blogspot.com. Thus the new URL:



Dustin said...

Hey Howard

What is the reasoning for the switch? Doesn't the old domain work just fine?

Howard said...

Couldn't get it to publish an RSS feed to my old site via FTP. That means I couldn't have a listing on JavaBlogs.com. It may be Blogger-in-Beta but a lot of the cold was way, way, Alpha. And there was no mechanism to move backwards from B-in-B to traditional Blogger.com.