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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tapestry: Duke's Choice!

In something that was a bit of a surprise, even to me, Tapestry won a Duke's Choice award for innovation at this years JavaOne.

They gave me a big, wacky Duke statuette (photos to follow). I mean, I'm going to have to hire a pack mule to get it back to Portland. I also had a chance to chat with James Gosling about Java. I complimented him on the language and told him how much fun I'm having with it, which he seemed to like. On the other hand ... when I mentioned wanting "all the goodness of Java, but a little less typing", ala Ruby, he went a little cold. I didn't realize until this moment that he might have thought I was referring to object typing (an issue for another day) when I was, in fact, talking about keystrokes!

Meanwhile, I had to drop off the statuette in the room, so I've probably missed the Java bloggers meetup at the Thirsty Bear. We'll see if I can catch the end of that.

Been having a lot of fun so far ... maybe tomorrow, I'll even make it to a session!


ciukes said...

Tapestry fully deserves Duke Award.

James Carman said...

Congrats, Howard!

jesse said...

Congratulations! A much deserved award.

It must be rather intimidating meeting someone like JG. It's funny how people become "rock stars" in the technical community. The one and only JavaOne I've attended found myself and my co-workers cornering Jim Waldo (jini) down to have our pictures taken with him. It was pretty neat :)

Anjan said...

hi there,


I'm missing the blog posts from JavaOne(didn't 2005 have more blog posts?)


Paul Cantrell said...

I'm afraid that Gosling has become knee-jerk hostile to anything with the word "Ruby" in it. Given that the Rails guy promoted his framework by trolling the Java community and repeatedly insulting Gosling's language, I don't really blame him.... But I do think that this understandable reaction prevents Gosling from seeing the good things in Ruby that Java could learn from. Anyway, in that context, it's quite likely that Gosling misunderstood "typing."

Anyway, congrats! Hopefully this will help raise Tapestry's visibility.

Speaking of too many keystrokes ... what do you think about creating a domain-specific language for Hivemind config?

Anonymous said...

congratulations howard. hopefully this will push people sitting on the cusp between jsf and tap toward the latter.

any plans for a spring-driven tapestry?

jesse said...

No pics? :(