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Monday, May 08, 2006

NFJS Meltdown

I had a "perfect storm" of technical problems at yesterday's No Fluff Just Stuff which, sadly, scared away part of the audience. I had just re-installed Eclipse on my laptop, reorganizing my plugins into multiple extension folders (so make my eventual upgrade to Eclipse 3.2 easier) and I inadventently installed a new version of the Eclipse Jetty Launcher plugin, version 1.4, that is not compatible with Eclipse 3.1, just with 3.2. Ouch!

So, a lot of fumbling there that got in the way, took up time, and put me off my game. But people were still very interested and involved, with good questions. I have to think about the JavaScript stuff though ... it may just be too much for people who haven't seen Tapestry before.

See folks at JavaOne!

1 comment:

jesse said...

That is too bad. Sorry to hear about the meltdown. I'm sure anyone who's given an imperfect presentation can easily feel your pain :)

It would be nice to find a gentler way to show the javascript capabilities. Maybe that's something that comes later when they discover that it really does "just work". As in you can plop a component in (with it's custom js) to almost any situation and it will interact properly with everything else around it.

Most people already familiar with javascript (esp in the current web 2.0 sense) would probably immediately see the value in what the @Script spec allows.

It's a very different mindset when you develop a non-component based web app, knowing each page that you write is just another drop in the overwhelming bucket of your entire application - vs. the happiness of writing and maintaining components that encapsulate your business needs, knowing that you ~will~ actually be able to re-use them.