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Friday, August 08, 2003

Moving code

Last night, I tagged HiveMind as 1.0-alpha-1 and created a branch on Tapestry (hlship-3-1). The branch represents the future Tapestry 3.1 code base. First order of business: move code to HiveMind.

This is important, because in alpha-1 the dependencies are backwards: HiveMind depends on code from Tapestry. That code is boring stuff: IResourceResolver, IResourceLocation, ILocation, and related implementations.

I've moved the interfaces over and stripped off the leading 'I', and moved over implementations and tests. The major changes:

  • IResourceLocation --> Resource
  • ILocation -> Location
  • IResourceResolver -> ClassResolver
  • ILocationHolder -> LocationHolder

Also, moved over ApplicationRuntimeException.

With a little shaving to fit, got the HiveMind code coverage up to 88%, with 112 tests, Tapestry 3.1 needs a little work before it will be functional again, but its close.

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