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Friday, August 15, 2003

Another book on Tapestry

Here's something fun that popped into me mailbox this morning:
Dear Howard,

We will publish the first german book on Tapestry 3
in December / January.

We would like to contact you few weeks before it finishes
and kindly ask you to write a short foreword for it.
Al long or short as you like.

The Software and Support Publishing Company (owns the biggest Java-Magazin in Germany http://www.javamagazin.de/) has 
agreed to this book.

A book similar to ours will look like
this: http://www.software-support-verlag.de/sus/sus_buch/psecom,id,37,nodeid,8,_language,de.html

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Kind regards
Prof. Dr. Stefan Edlich

By the way: You have provided the wold with a great bunch of software!

Java-Magazin recently published an article comparing Tapestry favorably to WebWork written by Christian Sell.

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