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Monday, October 15, 2012

Not going to Clojure/Conj ... need a ticket?

Unfortunately, I will not be going to Clojure/Conj this year. And it is too late for a refund ... so I'm looking for someone to purchase my ticket at cost. The good news is the reason I'm not going ... I have a new project coming that will use Tapestry, Clojure, and perhaps Datomic and I need to be on-site with them the week of the conference.

So if you are looking to attend the conj, you can take over my ticket, for $475. Please contact me via email. Thanks!

Update: Sorry, the ticket is gone.


Massimo said...

I'm curious of what kind of project is, would you mind to share more info about it.

Tapestry + Clojure seems A LOT OF FUN!

Massimo said...

Would you mind to share more info about the new project?

Tapestry + Clojure seems A LOT OF FUN!

Howard Lewis Ship said...

I'm afraid I can't share any more information than what I've said; as with many projects, there's an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) involved. It promises to be fun and challenging, and that's what counts. I do hope, in the future, to get permission to talk about the project and technology.