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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some Tapestry Stories

A ways back, I published a call for anyone interested in free Tapestry 5 Laptop stickers (that call is still open!). You get the stickers, I get a story. Here's a few highlights, in no particular order:

Robert B., USA
The SC Medicaid Web Portal enables doctor's offices and hospitals, using the Web, to enter and submit claims for patients enrolled in Medicaid in South Carolina.
Steve E., Singapore
We're producing an on-line matching system for Non Deliverable Forwards (NDFs) in the currency finance market for a brokerage firm. (Or I guess in layman's terms, a gambling system!)
Kejo S., Switzerland
We are working now since almost 3 years with T5 and we created an application platform for ABB with it and really a lot of other projects. I think we wrote already far more than 1 million lines around your framework! Often your framework is fun and sometimes pain, but it's always amazing how lean and clean your source is! Overall I think it is the best frontend framework in the java ecosystem right now! Great Work!
Ivan K., Belarus
We just started new project on t5 - online collectible card game.
Michael L., Germany
We started a Tapestry5 project to build our extranet application, that links into the ERP to provide realtime information to stake holdersaand supporting internal workflows. We're just at the beginning and implementing more and more stuff. However, we looked at different Web-Frameworks but Tapestry5 simply rocked!
Greg P., Australia
I'm using Tapestry to create liftyourgame.com. A site that allows people to achieve their goals.
Szymon B., Poland
We use Tapestry 5 in our economic information service neurobiz.pl. It gives users access to the information about businesses operating in Poland and registered in National Court Registry.
Dominik Hurnaus, Austria
Working on a large CRM system for an automotive customer.
James S., USA
My team and I are working on a web-based interface for a fuzzy lookup and matching engine we've developed. I've also started messing around Tapestry for a few of my personal projects. I started using T5 a couple months ago, and so far I'm loving it.
Nenad N., Serbia
I am working with 5 other developers on mobile portals developed with Tapestry for multiple clients.
Dragan S., Macedonia
I was a GSOC developer and now I'm trying to do new cool stuff with Tapestry like websocket integration with node.js and rabbitmq.
Volker B., Austria
Our project is a dealer management system which supports dealers and workshops of the VW Group's brands and the Porsche sports car brand in all sorts of operational processes in a modern and flexible way ... in our company I think there are about 80-100 people that are using Tapestry.
Daniel J., Canada
Assessment dashboards for schools in southwest SK, Canada
William O., USA
We are working on a number of cool Facebook apps using Tapestry. One's called My Social Rankings ( mysocialrankings.com ), and the other is called Blingville (blingville.com).
Peter P., Slovakia
We are developing web applications for broker companies using Tapestry 5, and its great to develop with Tapestry.
Pablo N., Argentina
We are using Tapestry for http://www.squidjob.com (migrating out of GWT). The site is THE place for finding service providers for anything.
Joost S., the Netherlands
Yanomo is time tracking, project management and invoicing software for the rest of us. Use it and "You know more" :)
Alexander G., Belarus
We have been using Tapestry for about 6 years in our projects. Our current project is web administration console for RadiumOne Display (www.radiumone.com) platform. We are very happy with our stack consisting from Tapestry5+Spring+Hibernate+jQuery.

As usual, I see a lot more Tapestry adoption outside the US; I wonder if its about programming culture ... or about Tapestry localization support? I tend to see the Europeans developers as having more freedom to work with less mainstream technologies ... but when I ask them about this, they always seem to think that it's the US developers who have that freedom. I guess the grass is always greener.

1 comment:

Nico said...

I believe that in order to use tapestry, that as you said it ain't a mainstream technology yet, you need to work in a company where they 're open to hear invoices from their employees for eg. some developer that recommends tapestry :). Perhaps that also means that the company trust in their employees skills and is not afraid to let them decide on stuff. Personally I think that it's easier that a tiny company behaves like this... than a great company.

I really don't get to know many countries so I don't know which country has these kind of companies the most... but in tapestry mailing list you can see that there 're many people from outside US, which as I 'm from Argentina is really cool for me :D

cheers, and I like that you use some time to analyze all this.