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Monday, May 23, 2011

Learn more about Tapestry power features @ Java Magic

New Tapestry user "tawus" has been working his way though the power features of Tapestry and Tapestry IoC on his blog: Java Magic. It's an interesting approach, he's covering one feature of Tapestry on each post, and showing what a (simplified) implementation of that feature would be. I'd rather he spent a little introduction time on why these features are useful and important, but it's still a very nice effort.


MiniX said...

I cannot see that you provided a link to the blog.

To read the blog, visit http://tawus.wordpress.com/

Raul said...

The blog link is broken.

phoet said...

the link-html is broken. here is the url for copy-paste:


btw: not underlining links in css is really bad usability!

Howard said...

Just a typo in the markup; fixed now.

Howard said...

I agree about the links; they should be underlined. At least they are colored differently now, to provide an affordance that you should click them.