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Monday, November 01, 2010

Tapestry 5.2.2

... and the latest version of Tapestry, 5.2.2, is now available. This is the second beta release for Tapestry 5.2, addressing a few bugs in 5.2.1, and adding a couple of minor non-disruptive improvements ... read about it in the release notes.

Tapestry 5.2.2 is available for download, or via Maven:


I expect some minor issues will be addressed in Tapestry 5.2.3. Expect that in a week or so.


Ron Piterman said...

Just read the release note comment about the change in the Link's methods - and am asking my self how this relates to your "swarn" commitment to backword compatibility?

Backword compatibility is often a draw back, beacuase one is comitted to keep the public api as is, may be deprecate over time, but changing the contract is actualy a no go.

So why actualy not interoduce a new method with the new contract and keep the old one as is?

Would that cost so much? How much this cost weigh against braking compatibility?

Sandor Irlanda said...

To Ron:

I believe we should be more flexible. This change is "cheap" to follow (just a search&replace) and you would touch the project anyway when you replace the jars.
Adding new methods with similar name and function just makes it harder to understand the goal behind them.