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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Return to Independent Consulting

I'd like to announce to the Tapestry community that I've returned to independent consulting. As an independent consultant, I'll have more opportunities to pursue training, mentoring, and project work that did not fit with Formos' overall goals.

Formos continues to be committed to Tapestry, and to maintaining the Tapestry360 web site. I'd like to thank Matt Tunnel, President of Formos, for the opportunities he's provided: a "dream job" that let me focus on completing Tapestry 5.0 and 5.1, with a scope of features far beyond what I had originally envisioned when I started Tapestry 5 over four years ago.

Now is a new chapter; I'm starting to search for my next dream job, while actively seeking out new Tapestry training, mentoring and support projects, as well as working with my existing clients. In addition, I'm using my improved freedom to pursue other important technologies beyond Tapestry, such as Clojure, Cappuccino, and CouchDB. I expect to be able to offer the same kind of compelling training and project work in these technologies as I currently provide for Tapestry.

I'm also taking this time to pursue one of the opportunities I could not take on while at Formos: a Tapestry 5 book. I'm currently contacting a number of different publishers to find the best home for a new book specifically about Tapestry 5.

I'd also like to thank the Tapestry community for all the enthusiasm and dedication that you've given to Tapestry. I'm looking forward to helping you create even more insanely great applications!


keykubat said...

a Tapestry 5 book!
good news!

Josh Long said...

Howard, I hope you find the best of opportunities in your endeavours and that you write the next, best, Tapestry 5 book! I'm a little biased, but I'd recommend Apress. They're awesome.

Celio said...

hi there,
Thirst place congratulations for tapestry framework, I've never had so much fun learnin web programing like this before. It's easy and understandable, not a bunch of xml files and ten thousand lines of javascript code. Second, please don't leave the advanced techniques out of your book, if it's 100 pages or 1000 I'll buy and read anyway. q=]


sicklittlemonkey said...

Wow, great news - maybe it's best you're free to follow your own nose. ;-)

You did a great job on the T3 book, so I hope you can do justice to the much more complicated T5.

If you can squeeze in comparisons or how-to's for those coming from J2EE, this could garner the exposure T5 needs to gain it's rightful place in enterprise web development. Best of luck!


crazy said...

I would recommend manning itself for second edition of tapestry. why not tapestry+seam+xul+gwt etc.. all coming into one bundle

elidoran said...

Or, maybe you could publish via Trafford and keep more of the payoff for yourself. :)

Karl said...

I would be great to get an update of the "Tapestry in Action" book. I really looking forward to.