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Friday, October 31, 2008

Pushing towards 5.0.16

I've been steaming along towards the Tapestry 5.0.16 release. I've hit nearly all the major bugs and have also been implementing a number of irritating (but less important) fixes and improvements and working on some better documentation.

Tapestry 5 is a much better, faster, more powerful beast now than what I first envisioned over 2.5 years ago. There are aspects about Tapestry, connections between ideas, leveraging of concepts, and other things that I could not have predicated ahead of time. Building applications in T5, I always keep some attention on what's working well, and what could be improved (usually by making something automatic). Tapestry 5 is very, very concise.

Working at Formos for the last 11 months has given me the time and focus to work on Tapestry itself, as well as direct and indirect hands on experience to really know and understand the rough spots. Certainly, this has shown up as improved Ajax functionality, and a lot of other stuff under the covers.

I think some time next week we'll be drawing the line and starting a vote on 5.0.16. I fully expect to then vote it as the release candidate and, ultimately, the final release for 5.0.

Keep tuned the best is yet to come ... I have a lot of ideas for way to extend and improve Tapestry with out sacrificing backwards compatibility. I've made that claim before and I look forward to proving it valid.


shuangxi said...

Fantastic job!!! Looking forward to the release!

By the way, both T3 and T4 has LinkSubmit, are we gonna have one for T5?

Ken said...

Looking forward to see what's coming down the pipe beyond Tapestry 5.0.x and how it'll test backwards compatibility :-)

Howard said...

I've got lots of ideas; however the main goal will be to release on some kind of schedule. I think two primary goals for a 5.1 release will be Portlet integration, and Spring Web Flow integration.

Bill Holloway said...

"with out sacrificing backwards compatibility. I've made that claim before and I look forward to proving it valid."

Thank you, Howard!