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Monday, January 14, 2008

Latest batch of features

I've been very busy on Tapestry 5 now, sprinting towards an end goal of a stable release. I'm very psyched about the latest stuff:

  • Improved Error Bubbles: those pop-up error bubbles (for client validaton, in 5.0.7) were just a first pass. I've smartened them up a bit, and now the bubbles for the non-focus field fade out entirely. I like the way it works, as you tab from field to field, the bubbles fade in and fade out appropriately.
  • Memory Management: Tapestry is a bit more careful about instantiating pages now. The first few page instantiations are "free" but past a certain point, Tapestry will wait a few milliseconds for a page instance to free up before instantiating a fresh one. And pages that aren't used for about 10 minutes are freed outright. And it's all configurable.
  • Whitespace Compression: Tapestry now strips out unnecessary whitespace from templates. This is a bit controversial (because the output is bit less readble) but is a win in terms of server side processing and on the client side. This change significantly reduces the number of objects needed in memory to represent a component template and that can't help but be a good thing.
  • Optimized Request Paths: When rendering output, Tapestry will make use of shortened, relative URLs, if those are shorter than an absolute URL. This is another attempt to minimize the content sent to the client, before we get into GZIP filters and so forth.
  • Immediate Response Mode: Miss the default Tapestry 4 request/render cycle? Don't care about book-markable URLs or the user hitting the refresh button and inadvertently re-submitting a form? You can now disable the normal "send a client redirect" behavior and have Tapestry render the HTML immediately. This requirement comes from some particular clients, but honestly I hope it won't be widely used.

Beyond that its been bugs, bugs, bugs and getting the last major features in place; more Ajax support (with still more to come) and generally adding some polish.

I still can't say exactly when this will be ready, but I'm now able to work on Tapestry full time (and then some) so its coming together rapidly.


Gabriel said...

I really admire you :-))

Howard said...

I'll take that at face value, rather than sarcasm, and say: Thanks!

I love working on Tapestry and I'm really excited about where it is headed now, with the various features meshing together in powerful combinations I couldn't have predicted a year ago.

Craig's Blog said...

I haven't kept up with T5, how about a screencast showing off some of its current features, like the error bubbles and what not?

Howard said...

Definitely planned, I just wanted to get the error bubbles sorted out.