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Sunday, November 25, 2007

First Tapestry 5 Book

The first book on Tapestry 5, Tapestry 5: Building Web Applications, is available for pre-order. I've been helping out by tech editing the chapters.


Ken Cochrane said...

I've ordered my copy, I can't wait to read it.

Howard, any plans on coming out with a new version of Tapestry in Action based on Tapestry 5?

José said...


Any chance to see a second edition of the "Tapestry in Action" next year?

José said...

Will this book cover what you're working on now, ie the Ajax support ?
The announced release date is december '07, that seems really close for that...

anaik said...

Couldn't find any other place to post it, apologies, but whatever happened to hivemind-2? Is there still development going on there?

Howard said...

A more appropriate place to ask would be on the HiveMind developer mailing list. I can't say, I'm full up on Tapestry 5 with no time to contribute to anything else.

My little java solutions company said...

I don't know if you're treating this kind of issue in this post, but I'm desperate:

I'm using the TinyMCE, but when I format my text inside the textarea and submit the form and save the content to the database, the content get stored this way:
< strong >dsgdeftgdsgdsfgd<\strong >

An when I use an expansion like:


The text that appears on the page come out like this:
< strong >dsgdeftgdsgdsfgd<\ strong >

And when you see the source of the page, this part gets its simbols replaced:

Can you please give me some hint or point to a book/website/forum???

Howard said...

This is absolutely the wrong forum for Tapestry support. Please subscribe to the Tapestry user mailing list.