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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tapestry 5.0.6 is available

Yet another preview release, Tapestry 5.0.6 adds a raft of new features , including:

A new DateField component (using a client-side JavaScript calendar).

The Grid component can now be utilized inside a Form.

The BeanEditForm component has been refactored, allowing you to create complex forms with multiple BeanEditors.

There is now a BeanDisplay component, a counterpart to BeanEditor that displays the properties of a bean.

For early adopters upgrading from release 5.0.5, you should be aware that Tapestry template files now have a .tml extension, and are stored in the context root, not under WEB-INF . In addition, the @Inject annotation in tapestry-core has been removed, and the @Inject annotation from tapestry-ioc is now doing double-duty.

In addition, Tapestry 5 now uses SLF4j as its pluggable logging library, replacing commons-logging. This may require that you upgrade to Log4j 1.2.14.

Download Tapestry 5.0.6


Thiago H. de Paula Figueiredo said...

The improvements to Grid and BeanModel are wonderful, but there's something I miss: some way to add columns without using a BeanModel directly. Maybe we could add a additionalColumns (or any better name) property expecting a comma-separated list of column names that would be provided through blocks.
What do you think about it, Howard?

Unknown said...

It might be possible, but it would require that you provide a <t:parameter> block for the property's cell, since if the Grid could figure out how to display the property, it already would have inlcuded the property.

the_bunker said...

Howard, all of you have done great work again, I enjoy the new features.
But still missing are some ajax-features, do you have any schedule regarding this stuff?

mveloso said...

Hi Howard,

Congratulations! you are doing a great work. Thanks

Unknown said...

So far, really enjoying it. The learning curve seems much less than tapestry 4. i just wanted to say that i brought up the environment and integrated with spring and hibernate in eclipse using eclipse eudora (some real bugs in eudora). again, so far, so good. i just wanted to comment on the tutorial. i tried to run the tutorial outside of maven (not a big fan) and had some problems. specificially, the default log service was not avialable (I removed the log paramenter). and, the start page was in the wrong place. once, i made those changes i was up and running in eclipse. just wanted to comment in case someone else had a similiar problem.

i've used tapestry 4 extensively and enjoyed it but really like the light weight compactness and straight forward approach of tapestry 5.

sorry if this is the wrong place to comment but it is on 5.0.6.