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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ouch! VMWare Fusion is not compatible with VMWare Player

Turns out that VMWare Fusion, the VMWare for Mac OS X, creates an image that isn't compatible with the VMWare player on Windows. This is why I'm happy I do test runs, but it does mean I have to spend another few hours recreating my workshop environment on Windows, using VMWare Workstation. So much for catching a movie tonight, or leaving the house tomorrow.

Hopefully this is something that'll be corrected in a later release.


Matt Raible said...

I've been successful in creating an image on Windows and running it on the Mac. You can try out my latest image if you like.


It'll probably take 4-8 hours to download. I have 756 KB up, but folks on the other end don't always get that.

From the README.txt for this image:

AppFuse Development Environment (DE) is a VMWare image with Ubuntu 6.10 installed. It has a Java Development environment ready-to-go with JDK 5, Eclipse, Tomcat and AppFuse 2.0-M4 installed.

Everything has been configured for Maven 2 and AppFuse development, including Eclipse, Continuum, CruiseControl and Hudson.

To get started, you'll need to:

1) Install VMWare Player or Server:


2) Launch VMWare

Unzip AppFuseDE-2.0-m4.zip into C:\Tools. Double click on the Ubuntu.vmx file in the folder to start the program.

The default username and password is:

Username: ubuntu
Password: ubuntu

Please contact the AppFuse Mailing List if you have any questions.


Howard said...

Alas, I'm trying to got the other way.

Brett said...

yep, got bitten by that myself recently trying to load it up in vmware server. Fortunately I wasn't too far in, so I changed to building the image on windows and testing it out on mac.

Pat Lee said...

VMware Fusion creates VM in the newest VMware format, which is used by VMware Workstation 6 Beta, VMware ACE 2.0 Beta, and VMware Player 2.0 Beta.

To use VMware Fusion VMs in older products including VMware Server 1.0, you will need to import it into VMware Workstation 6.0 to export to an older product.

Matt said...

@Pat Lee

You can also use VMWare Converter to convert from the new to the older VMX formats. It's free (as in beer)!

The Epicurean Tango Society said...

ok ... now I feel really sick .... bad enough I hate the brand new MAC .... everything in PC for Office is far more efficient and faster .. 3 or 4 more steps to do the same thing ... well not even the same thing!!!

NOW I read that VM Fusion is not compatible with vmware player - where all my emails and database is that I believed I would be able to use????

I'm going to be sick ... and when I'm done, I will throttle my boyfriend for persuading me to buy MAC!

It is March 2012 .... are there any updates on the compatibility aspects or am I S.O.O.L. ??

thanks for your help in advance!

Howard Lewis Ship said...


I wouldn't sweat it, I think they've worked this out over the last five years. Also, just avoid M$ apps on Mac and you'll be amazed at how sweet the experience is. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

Adrian Hull said...

Last comment was suggesting not using MS apps on a Mac. While that is likely the way to go, unfortunately I have not seen anything equivalent to Excel and Visio for Mac. Certainly the Mac MS Office apps are a royal pain to work with. Totally different UI and limited functionality if you are an advanced user of Excel.

Howard Lewis Ship said...

I use Apple's iWork which is nice enough.