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Monday, February 26, 2007

Tapestry 5.0.2 released

A new preview release, Tapestry 5.0.2 is now available. It fixes a number of bugs and adds a number of features (including line precise exception reporting, and sortable Grid columns). Along the way, I found out some important deployment notes about Tomcat (and JBoss).

The new release is available via the central Maven repository, or via direct download.


POJO said...

Just viewed the 'Roadmap' for Tapestry. Can you tell us if and if so when Tapestry 5, will have JSR-168 support?

Are there any plans to support JSR-268?

Howard said...

It's on a time-available matter; getting servlet Tapestry working and Ajax-ified is simply a higher priority for our limited time. Adding a JIRA issue to track this will help, since we'll be able to gauge community-wide importance that way.

Anonymous said...

Howard - nice work, man. I like tapestry a lot and will try convincing my company to use it. I think we'll need portlet support though. I've created a JIRA issue for it.
For those who would like to vote on it, it's TAPESTRY-1304 in JIRA.

Keep up the good work Howard!

maha said...

Hello Howard-

I am planning to build a web application using Tapestry 5.0. I have no prior knowledge about tapestry. Wondering if tapestry 5.0 is ready to provide basic functionality (no ajax stuff). I am planing to use Spring/Hibernate as my service layer. Thanks,

Howard said...

I haven't done anything in terms of Spring or Hibernate integration yet. That's coming, soon. I'm working on some client-side validation right now, using Prototype & Scriptaculous.

Numa said...


Nice job for tapestry 5. But I was wondering what made you choose prototype for validation? As tapestry 4.1 uses dojo?
I am also wondering in a next project which one is better: prototype or dojo ?

Could you please justify your choice.



waikit said...

is there any equivalent component to T4's upload and radio button coming up soon ?