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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Enjoying Web Development with Tapestry

Kent Tong has updated his e-book on Tapestry 3, Enjoying Web Development with Tapestry, in two ways:

  • It now covers Tapestry 4.0
  • You can now buy it as hard copy instead of PDF

I think it's great that books on Tapestry 4 are coming into print ... and that I'm not the one writing them. Not only will other people have a perspective closer to the reader, but the very fact that people outside the central Tapestry developer community, people like Kent Tong and Warner Onstine, are expending the effort to write these books, underscores the kind of high quality community Tapestry has developed over the last few years.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

But ... what exactly is that a picture of on the cover .. (?)

Anonymous said...

The title is "Enjoying Web Development with Tapestry"

Marcel Schepers said...

Enjoying Web Development with Tapesty is fantastic, but I was also hoping for a second edition of TiA

Anonymous said...

This book is a great book. I like it very much.

Anonymous said...

the cover looks like amber to me, also I've read this book and found it very useful