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Monday, August 29, 2005

Subversive Tapestry

A big move this weekend ... Tapestry source code has moved out of Apache's CVS repository and into the Apache SVN (Subversion) repository. Let the refactoring commence!

In addition, Tapestry 4.0-beta-5 was released, continuing our style of releasing every week or two. This release really cleans up the way Tapestry generates client-side element ids (they are now XHTML compatible, so no more embedded dollar signs or leading underscores). The JavaScript generates to support client-side validation has been cleaned up and simplified ... its much shorter and much more readable now.

People keep asking when Tapestry 4.0 will be final; right now, it's just bug fixes none of which seem too terrible, and documentation, which is more of a problem. I'm still hoping for release candidates in the month of September.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent move, using subversion. Works great for Hivemind. Been using Tapestry for a while, and going to version 4 and using Hivemind has been a tremendous lift. However, I have to get used to new ways of thinking. I still can't grip how to do vertical modularization though - f.ex. how do I package something like a shopping cart, or conference module, so that I can use it in different projects? Such modules are extremely useful to be able to plug in, but go all the way from html layout to database storage. I find it much more useful to be able to make such "vertical" components, rather than having the "horizontal" layers of traditional MVC. What's the correct approach using Hivemind? (and tapestry) Using let's say Hibernate for data, and permitting these modules to create tables (contributions to the mapping file) in the application database.