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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Tapestry 4.0-beta-2

The newest release of Tapestry is available for download. The changes are largely bug fixes, mostly for problems with annotations and client-side JavaScript.

There's also the start of a Quick Start tutorial.


Ahmed Mohombe said...

Any idea about when the final release will be there?
And what about your book? When can we expect on Amazon the second edition with 4.0 updates?

Thanks in advance,


Skala's junk place said...

Hi, Howard,

Would love to get some directions on how to use HiveMind services in Tapestry 4 environment. Is there any example app with such solution? Generally T4 looks great (finishing project in it, finished several T3 projects), but the number of docs and sample apps (dedicated exclusively to T4, not T3 versions) is small.

Btw.: Tapestry is definitely the best OS framework (Java, but not only Java) available, in my opinion. I compared dozens of them in different environments. None of them has the power and simplicity of T. It is the framework of choice for my Company.

Best regards,

Tomek Skalczynski

DA_Eclipsa said...
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DA_Eclipsa said...

Ooops, I goofed up and have to apologise. I'm very sorry, the link on the Manning TIA page "Get a first hand look at Tapestry in action by trying the Hello World example provided by Howard Lewis Ship[...]" leads to a 'new reased books' page, not to the TIA download. That puzzled me and therefore my previous comment. Looking again at the TIA home page, I saw the download links embedded in the menu on the left side.