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Friday, June 03, 2005

SeaView: Built on Tapestry

Found out something interesting today; Glen Stampoultzis mentioned how he's been using HiveMind in his SeaView content management project.

SeaView is written using open source, including Tapestry, HiveMind and Hibernate. This is the first commercial product (as opposed to hosted application) that uses Tapestry in this way. I'd bet there are others out there I don't know about.

Update: ... certainly not the first. I'm getting senile. I did a two-day training session at Widen last year. They sell a shrink-wrap digital asset management product, written in Tapestry.

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jesse said...

Yep, we're using Tapestry/Hivemind as well, though it's not due to be released until next month. http://www.ekosystems.com .It's a medical records system, of course not all of it uses tapestry for ui, but anything that makes sense and is in the web portion of the system does...Anything in the world beats having to be subjected to jsp.