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Friday, April 15, 2005

Tapestry Picasso will be 4.0

The finally tally for last week's vote is in. The next release of Tapestry, what's currently in CVS HEAD, will be Tapestry 4.0. So after all the talk of Tapestry 3.1, it's going to be a phantom. I hope to get a Tapestry 4.0-alpha-2 out soon as well (but need a stable HiveMind 1.1 alpha release first).

The numbering confusion is exactly why I'm pushing for the release naming experiment. What I've been calling "3.1" for so long is now going to be called, internally, "Picasso". This will give us the freedom to consistently discuss the code base before having to decide on a release number for it.

Other projects, such as Struts, work differently. After a release, they'll vote on its stability, and "grant" it final release status. So you might find that Struts 1.1.23 (or something) is the final release. I kind of like knowing that Tapestry 4.0 is the final, stable release for 4.0. Certainly, there'll be a 4.0.1 with bug fixes, and hopefully soon after that, a Tapestry Magritte (4.1) with more functionality. And having names is more fun than numbers.

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Lucien said...


I would like to add to Brian's request on the 29th March for any 'recommendations for a CMS that "plays nicely" with Tapestry?'.

We are also considering the leap and are about to programme our first app using Tapestry. Currently we use JSP's, velocity, hibernate, spring.

Customers are demanding varying levels of content management and we are very keen to satisfy their needs. I have researched OpenCMS, Magnolia, and Slide. I have
considered suggestions for using IDelegateSourceTemplate to set up Tapestry templates in 'another' context. However, it would be nice to get at these files within Tapestry.

I cannot find any examples of Tapestry using any kind of content management. It would be nice if we could offer customers some editing tools for text components (and for those more adventurous customers some full blown online html editors).