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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Should MyEclipse support Tapestry? Using Spindle?

There's a discussion going on in the MyEclipse discussion forums about adding Tapestry support to MyEclipse. I haven't used MyEclipse, but I've heard of it ... it's a collection of Eclipse plugins to support J2EE development and supports a number of standards and tools, such as JSF and Hibernate.

Now, MyEclipse is inexpensive (it's based on an annual subscription, which is a fun idea), but it is proprietary and Spindle is free ... but I can't help thiking that an improved/integrated Spindle as part of MyEclipse would be a good thing, and may help offload some of Geoff's vast effort with maintaining and extending Spindle (especially if some improvements worked backwards into Spindle). I can't wait for Geoff to weigh in on this.


David said...

MyEclipse certainly gets my vote. I introduced MyEclipse to my corporate development team at my former employer and witnessed a huge increase in productivity. While you can certainly get the job done with other plugins or tools, MyEclipse does a nice job integrating the pieces.

+1 for MyEclipse adding Tapestry features.

While I certainly want Spindle to remain a free plugin, I would love to see the Spindle editors merged with the great MyEclipse editors. Currently I need to use "open with..." to switch between the various competing editors for each file extension.

Adding Tapestry support to MyEclipse could go a long way toward boosting Tapestry's popularity :)

Cardsharp said...

I agree. The more exposure we get for Tapestry, the better. I think Tapestry has a good shot to become the next Hibernate. Hibernate isn't "the" standard, JDO and EJB is/was. Then Hibernate comes along with a better way of doing things, catches fire, and becomes an industry-altering force. I'd love to see that happen to Tapestry. The more tool support we have, the better. Plus, I really think if there were more tools out there for Tapestry, more people would be willing to give it a try.

edreyer said...

I've been using Tapestry/Hibernate/Spring for some time now using a combination of Eclipse/MyEclipse/Spindle. These frameworks, along with this toolset combination, has been a real pleasure to work with. It would be real nice to see an integration of Spindle into MyEclipse. Spindle could really benefit from some full-time commercial development. (I understand Geoff has been quite busy lately). Perhaps they could really help each other out here. Geoff benefits from some full-time development help. MyEclipse benefits by integrating another attractive tool which could bring it more business.