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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Tapestry @ JavaPolis on Wednesday

I can't believe it, but I am flying all the way to Europe and back (plains, trains and automobiles!) for a one-hour Tapestry session at JavaPolis. I'm presenting on Tapestry from 16:55 to 17:55 on Wed December 15th 2004.


Koen Roevens said...

I' m glad you're coming to JavaPolis. Too less Belgian J2EE-developers know Tapestry. And absolutely too less use it.

Koen Roevens said...

Hi Howard,

You're presentation was great.
I noticed you also attended the presentation on JDNC.

How about opening Tapestry for Thinlet?
I'm thinking for instance of a custom form component which renders itself as regular Html or as an Thinlet applet, depending on the user's browser settings or his preferences. The component's template can be used as well for Tapestry's server side rendering as well for Thinlet's client side rendering. The only major obstacle I see for similar components, is the fact that in Tapestry 3.0 the controller code of a component is tied to the Tapestry framework. (Tapestry expects the controller methods in the component class which extends AbstractComponent.) Is there a chance this will be changed in 3.1?

Regards and thanks for the presentation

Spychcio said...

It was 4 years ago...but it must be good thing to be on JavaPolis. Thanks for presentation!