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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Feedback++: Going beyond Line Precise Error Reporting

This I like ... for Laurent Etiemble, even line precise error reporting is not enough, so he has made some improvements to display the actual text that is in error. Details in his blog. It looks like:

This is certainly something that could show up in Tapestry 3.1 (either by duplicating Laurent's work, or getting him to properly donate it). Additionally, Geoff has talked about some kind of hook that would make the stack trace clickable links ... clicking the links would open the correct file inside Eclipse.


Laurent Etiemble said...


I will be glad to donate this code to Tapestry. The heart of the enhancement is located in the SourceDisplay component where the magic occurs. The rest of the code is almost the original one. As mentionned in my blog, you can find source code in the library download, so feel free to take a look and to feed-back.


Stephen Smithstone said...

And life for tapestry keeps getting better and better

keep up all the good work :-)

cgodefroy said...

I want this!
Please give us a back link to Eclipse. Yes yes yes.
I don't think I'm able to help, but if you need some of my time...