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Saturday, August 28, 2004

ScrapeSDL -- Convert SDL back to XML

With the release of HiveMind 1.0-rc-1, I've managed to "strand" a number of HiveMind users who had adopted SDL (Simple Data Language). SDL is no longer supported.

ScapeSDL.zip is an Eclipse project containing code that can convert an SDL file into an XML file. It's what I used to convert all the SDL in HiveMind itself back into XML (though I did have to do a bit of manual reformatting).


haiku4j said...

S D L was dense
Too much noise here, let us vote
Convert, verbose, sad

Howard said...

Howard's good idea
community is aghast
let's roll back the change

streamline the syntax
lose focus, a distraction
try a new approach

gaze upon navel
resume padded again
return to standards

misue of common format
rage against Java machine
machine always wins

a debate rages
let committers be appeased
focus eye anew