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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Rolling toward Tapestry 3.0

I've been spending the day working on Tapestry 3.0 ... fixing as many bugs as possible, updating documentation, and so forth. I've also been categorizing which fixes and enhancements will go into 3.1. A bit more of this, and I'll be ready to call a vote to release 3.0-rc-1. I'd really like to have 3.0 in at least RC (release canddiate) stage before the book shows up in stores.

Along the way, I made a very useful enhancements to the DatePicker component. It now uses a clickable button to show and hide the pop-up calendar (and the button can be customized to your app's look and feel). This is a big improvement over the old look, which used a button labeled with a "V". That was a bit tacky, the new look is pretty much ideal.

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