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Wednesday, July 30, 2003


Humpty dumpty is back together again. I've reformulated/refactored/reinvented HiveMind as discussed in the previous few 'blog entries.

Still need to catch up on documentation and the XSL for creating HiveMind registry documentation.

Code coverage is around 84% and I haven't even tried to fill in the gaps yet.

I was able to streamline the key interfaces (Module, ServiceExtensionPoint and ExtensionPoint) quite a bit by moving the logic that caches service implementations into ServiceExtensionPointImpl, and the logic that caches extension point elements into ExtensionPointImpl. Looks better.

HiveMind seems a bit faster now ... it's hard to say, because the test suite has changed quite a bit, but I think the new SAX parser is faster than Digester ... one less layer: a lot less logic to figure out which "rule" to fire in response to a given SAX startElement() call. Also, most of the time, the DescriptorParser can complety ignore character content provided via characters() ... doesn't have to stuff it into a StringBuffer just to throw it away later.

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